What is Chai-Pesa?

Chai-Pesa is an advance payment solution from Greenfields Tea Factory Ltd to its farmers.

How do I register for Chai-Pesa?

Call or text our representative on 0700818683, and he will come to your location to register you. To be eligible, you must be a registered Greenleaf supplier of Greenfields Tea Factory Ltd. Remember to carry your ID card and registered M-Pesa number during registration.

How do I check my balance?

Simply send an SMS with the word “Balance” or “Bal” to 23581, and you will receive information about your Chai-Pesa account balance.

How do I receive the advance to my M-Pesa?

To receive an advance, send the desired amount (e.g., 1000) to 23581.

Chai-Pesa is an Official Service of Greenfields Tea Factory Ltd (Maner)

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